Investment Portfolio Ongoing Advice & Services - Proposition Summary

  • Investment Review Service during our normal office hours we monitor your investment portfolio which has been based on your stated investment objectives, preferences and agreed level of risk you are prepared to take. We also provide ongoing stock market and financial analysis.
  • Online Access to your investment portfolio via our trading platform partner Transact 24/7, 365 days a year. The website is secure, fast, flexible and easy to navigate.
  • Staff Contact during our normal office hours you are free to contact us with any queries or questions relating to your investment portfolio and we will be pleased to assist you in this respect.
  • Administration our staff carry out the necessary duties to ensure that you receive a first class service from us.
  • Taxation Planning within our suitability report and recommendation letter we highlight the various taxation aspects applicable to your investment portfolio. These are based on our understanding of legislation at that time, which can be subject to change in the future. Our monitoring services takes any changes into account.
  • Annual Meeting it is of course important that we discuss your investment portfolio regularly, at least annually, so that we can ensure your existing investment objectives, preferences and agreed level of risk you are prepared to take are achieved and any changes to your circumstances duly assessed accordingly.
  • Annual Valuation Statement and Associated Report this is automatically produced by us and sent to you yearly at the agreed review date together with market commentary. It itemises your investment holdings in chronological order, setting out the capital values together with a detailed breakdown of income payments.
  • Periodic Meetings as stated within the 'Annual Meeting' section above, it is important that we discuss your investment portfolio regularly. It might be the case that your personal circumstances suddenly change eg, an inheritance etc. If so, we suggest that you contact us in order to arrange a meeting to discuss your financial situation.
  • Periodic Valuation Statements as stated within the 'Annual Valuation Statement and Associated Report' section above, we will automatically contact you annually. However, if you require for example a mid term valuation statement, we will be pleased to prepare one upon your request. Furthermore, Transact will automatically send you quarterly valuation statements during January, April, July and October (where applicable tax vouchers are incorporated within the April documentation).

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice.