We are an intermediary that is acting on your behalf when delivering our services to you.

You should use the information provided within this document to decide if our services are right for you.


Restricted advice – We will advise and make a recommendation for you after we have assessed your needs.  We only offer advice on limited types of products.  You may ask us for a list of the products we offer.


You will pay for our services on the basis of an adviser charge / a fee.

We will discuss your payment options with you and answer any questions you have.  We will not charge you until we have agreed with you how we are to be paid.

We will discuss with you the basis of our charges, based on the type(s) of work we are asked to undertake for you.

We will discuss with you when you will have to pay our charges, both initial and ongoing.

All charge amounts quoted below are exclusive of VAT, expenses and disbursements; these will be added to the invoice if applicable.

Advised services

For our advised services, you will pay us via an adviser charge.

Initial advice service

Our initial advice will be appropriate for you, based on your requirements and circumstances at that time.  We will not ensure that any initial advice remains suitable for you at a later date, unless you select to receive ongoing services from us.

Ongoing services

In addition to our initial advice services, you could ask us to undertake further services on an ongoing basis.  Details of any ongoing services that we offer are detailed later within this document.

You may at any time cancel an Ongoing Advice Service by serving your notification of cancellation to us in writing. Upon receipt of your cancellation notice for an Ongoing Advice Service we will arrange for any future payment of any associated charges to cease.

Our typical adviser charges are noted below.  The exact amount may be more or less than this, but will be specifically agreed with you based on the work you ask us to do for you.

Please note that as the investment amount increases, your ongoing charge may also increase.

We will confirm the actual adviser charges in writing within our separate ‘Charge Agreement’, before providing our services to you.

If we do not agree a fixed adviser charge with you at outset, you may ask us for an estimate of how much in total we might charge for any service(s) provided.  You may also ask us not to exceed a given amount without checking with you first.

The cost of our services

Payment for initial advice services

Before we undertake detailed personal analysis and assessment, survey the market or make precise recommendations for your consideration, an agreed engagement fee will become payable.

Our typical fees:

  • £150 – Product Recommendations only – no existing investments.
  • £300 – Product Recommendations and Comprehensive Review – existing investments.

The following table outlines the typical services we offer, what would be provided as part of each service, and an indication of the costs. This becomes payable after our engagement fee has been paid.

Where you require advice or services that falls outside the list of services outlined below please contact us to discuss your requirements and for details of indicative costs.

Please note we will agree any exact fees/charges with you in a separate ‘Service & Payment Agreement’ before we commence any chargeable work.



Charge Basis

What we will provide

Example cost (£)


Investment Advice


  • £180 per hour


  • 3% of amount invested



  • Establishing your financial planning goals/objectives
  • Obtaining full details of your assets, liabilities, income, and expenditure
  • Establishing the amount of investment risk you are comfortable taking and your ability to absorb any potential investment losses
  • Designing an appropriate investment strategy and constructing a bespoke portfolio of investments
  • Provide a report detailing our investment recommendations and arranging and implementing any investment solutions



  • For example, if the amount of time taken to advise on or arrange a suitable investment product for you is 4 hours, our adviser charge would equate to £720

(4 hours x £180 = £720)


  • For example, based on an investment of £20,000 our adviser charge would equate to £600

(£20,000 x 3% =£600)




Once agreed, the ‘adviser charge’ amount will not change, except where your needs or circumstances differ from our initial expectations.

The above examples are an indicative cost.  We will tell you how much the total initial ‘adviser charge’ will be before you complete an investment, but you may ask for this information earlier.


Payment for ongoing services

Our typical charges are:

There will be an additional charge for any ongoing work, such as periodic or ongoing reviews we carry out on your behalf.  We will confirm the rate, frequency and length of any ongoing service(s) before commencing that ongoing service.

Ongoing services offered include ongoing meetings, reporting, investment monitoring, detailed annual review and associated report, online access, staff contact and administration.




Example cost (£)


Investment Portfolio Ongoing Advice & Services



  • Investment Review Service
  • Online Access
  • Staff Contact
  • Administration
  • Taxation Planning
  • Annual Meetings
  • Annual Valuation Statement and Associated Report
  • Periodic Meetings
  • Periodic Valuation Statements


  More details on the services we offer will be provided separately within our ‘Investment Portfolio Ongoing Advice & Services - Proposition Summary’.



We charge a standard 1% of the fund value for this service, subject to a minimum annual charge of £400.


  • For example, based on a fund value of £100,000 our charge would equate to £1,000

(£100,000 x 1% = £1,000)


We will agree what will be charged before any service(s) are provided and the amount will be confirmed to you.

Your payment options

Settling your adviser charge in a single payment

Initial Advice Services

Following on from our initial meeting (engagement fee), whether you buy an investment product or not, you will pay us an ‘adviser charge’ for our advice and services, which will become payable on completion of our work.  We will send you an invoice in this respect.

You will be required to settle the payment of your ‘adviser charge’ on completion of our work within 14 business days.  We accept cheques.  We do not accept payment by cash.  You will be provided with a receipt upon payment.

Ongoing Services

Upon utilising this service payment of our 1% annual charge is facilitated at source via the Transact trading platform, through automatic deduction from your invested capital.  Payment is made to us by Transact on a monthly basis and will of course vary depending upon the value of your investments at the time.


Aggregated Costs and Charges

We will also provide you with an Aggregated Costs document in relation to certain investment types.  This will provide you with information on the total costs to you of the financial products and services that have been recommended for these investment types and illustrate the impact of those costs on your investment returns.  This will include all third party product and service costs as well as our firms’ own adviser charges.  This will be provided to you before any investment transactions take place and on an ongoing basis where you have selected to take ongoing services.

Other third party costs

There may be other costs, including taxes, that are payable through other parties (such as the product provider) that we may not be party to.  Such charges are normally disclosed in relevant third party documentation, for example a Key Features Document.